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How Gary Bush Photography Got it's Beginning

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by Rex O. Karas

The photographer for Gary Bush Photography says he got his start in 1987, under kind of different and unusual 
set of circumstances.  Gary Bush had stopped into a local lounge around 3 in the afternoon for a beer before going 
to the stock car races.  Only the bartender and himself were in the bar at the time.  A photographer stopped in 
with a copy of photos he had taken of the bartender’s girlfriend, who was a dancer, and was showing them to the 
bartender.  All of a sudden a loud argument started between the photographer and the bartenders.  Soon it turned 
physical and the photos went flying in the air and the photographer left.

Gary told the bartender he was interested in shooting a model.  So the bartender sent his girl friend over the next 
week for his first live model photo shoot.  The photos were delivered to the girl who then showed three other girls 
her photos and they came over the following week and so it was started.

Routine photo shoot and photo projects were done by Gary for years.  But in 1994 he meet Marieanne O. Phillips, 
one of the largest pin-up art dealers in the world.  Gary says “She is the boss!”  They started working together 
shooting reference photos for some of the artist that she dealt with.

Marianne has worked with many artist and she sent some of the photos to different artists to choose what they 
wanted.  She only works with established artists and what she feels are super newcomers.  Some of the artists 
that have used the photos done by Gary in coordination with Marieanne are Dave Nestler, Scott Pike, Don Rust, 
Edward Reed, Jerry (Baron) Von Lind, Bobby Toombs, Steve Rude, Joe Russo and two Madison, Wisconsin 
artist Kent Steine and Todd Borenstein.

Gary said besides shooting the photos, his biggest “JOB” is finding models.  He looks for models that don’t have 
a particular strong feature that would make them identifiable.  Also he wants models that want to be painted and 
are interested in Pin-up Art.  Any model who’s first question is “what do I get or what’s in it for me”, always get 
the response of “nothing” because I don’t want to work with them.  Actually models get a copy of all photos taken, 
a copy of all paintings and copies of any prints and usually something special for them.

Paintings done from Gary’s photos have appeared in:
Tease magazine
Air Brush magazine
Avalanche Pin-up calendars
The New American Pin-up card set
Ted Kimer trading card set
The Art of Dave Nestler ( SQP )
Art of Scott Pike

He is always interested in new artist that would like some reference photos to work from.  Just be prepared to 
show proof that you are an artist, not a photo collector.  Gary is always looking for models that are interested in 
posing for him.  And he is always looking for new faces.  One of the things he is looking for in particular are 
different nationality looks, Asians, Hispanics, Afro-Americans, and also any erotic or old time classic looks.

Gary’s #1 pet peeve is the same as all photographers, models who say they want to pose, then don’t show up or 
call.  They have all sorts of outfits and themes on hand to use for the photo shoots.  As with any professional model 
shoot all models are required to provide proof of identification / and age and sign a model release.  Gary can be 
reached by phone or thru his e-mail or thru Rex, webmaster and author of this article

Marianne's website:  www.moppinup.com
One of Rex's sites:  www.nightlinephoto.groovecity.com                 

Updates - 2013:
I have been working on some new projects over the past couple years and expanding my skills and background.
A new book showing the women of the lower 48 states of the United States.  Each lady is shown at one of the state
highway signs for that state.  All the photos of the models and the story is all written and currently working on
finding the right printer to get the book done and out in the stores and online for sale.


My other project has been making body casting of various parts of the female body.  I have built a studio to show my
work and the variety of things I am able to do for a model or client.  Currently I will have on display the casting of
over 60 different ladies.  Also I have been doing casting for Doctors that have asked me for educational models
to use for teaching / student usage.


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